And Other Stuff You Might Enjoy

About to pop a baby out of your lady bits- or plan on doing so in the future? Live in the SETX area? Well have I got some crunchy goodness for you!
Whole Mothering Center
The WMC is an organization I’ve been involved with, in multiple capacities, for many years. If natural birth interests you, check them out. If you think delivering a human child with anything less than two anesthesiologists on board is insanity, check them out. If you’re not quite sure where you stand on the matter, then my gawd woman, why aren’t you there right now? My motto is (when it comes to childbirth, at least) “Knowledge is power, be powerful!” And if you just can’t satisfy your thirst for me here, stay tuned for my featured guest posts on the official WMC blog.

Already had a visit from the stork, with no return address? Wanna feed that kid the stuff that super powers are made of? Check this shiz out:
Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition
Nursing your spawn like a rock star? Go join the backstage party! Breastfeeding a tiny tyrant that’s pulling years from your life directly out of your body like a little succubus? Go there! They can help! Think boobs are gross? 1) lol and 2) Go anyway. You will learn something cool. If not, well, I just don’t see that happening.

If you’re in the market for a blog that don’t need no stinkin’ schools, try this one on for size.
This Adventure Life
She’s very multi-talented, a truly rare wit, and one of the only people I will actually admit is way smarter than I am.


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