About TEA

(Newly Revised!)

This is just… me. I write the way I speak, I speak what I’m thinking (from the relative safety of the office space I carved out of the living room), and that’s basically it. Nothing fancy, nothing profound. I feel like there’s a little bit of magic in everyday, and to be a wife and mom, you have to have your own brand of it. It’s how you get stuff done. That and coffee. And wine. But not together. But maybe someday.

But what is an “everyday alchemist,” you ask? Why of course you do! And the answer is, well, you. You if you’re like me, which if you’re here you probably are.  Wikipedia and manga tell me that alchemy is basically an ancient use of power to transform a big pile of lame into gleaming bars of awesome. Scrap into gold. As a mother or wife or whatever it is you are, isn’t that what you do? Don’t you take a skinned knee and turn it into kisses? Don’t you take a pile of reeking, soiled rags and turn them into clothing your family can wear in public without having random people offer them spare change and half-eaten apples? Don’t you take a bland, boring, bastard of a day and turn it into The Xth Day of the Y Month Which Shall Henceforth Be Known As the Day [You] Made Completely Epic…? Of course you do!

Here (hopefully), you’ll find, through my musings and ramblings and incoherent gibberish regarding home, housework, food, fun and family in my everyday life, ways to help make your everyday life even more fantastic. Or something to do instead of all that other stuff, which is sometimes what we need. I want you to see one new way to do one thing differently so you have more WIN than FAIL (because I know FAIL, and FAIL sucks). I want a captive audience for my griping and gloating, and anything else that tickles my fancy. I want a sounding board for my creative projects and unmitigated praise for my incredibleness. I want you, my fellow alchemists, to share your knowledge with me and everyone else here through comments and interaction. I want us to have fun! I want this place to get shut down because the other blogs called the Word Press police to report noise violations at 3 am! I kind of want some wine right now. Did I mention I’m a total nerd? Who loves wine? Well. Now I have.

I’m a wife and a mom and a daughter and a sister and friend and a writer, although not always in that order. You may be one, all or zero of these things… A single parent, married and childfree, a dude. And I’m good with that. It takes all kinds to make a blog go ’round. My goal is to share a little of my magic with you, and learn a little bit of everyone else’s. So read my blog, ’cause I want your magic.

(Update Added On 8/5/13)
I came here to freshen up, but this is all still pretty damn accurate. My life has changed considerably- moves, job changes, school changes, project changes, body art changes, etc- but reading the above now makes me realize that I’m still me, that I still make magic, and that makes me happy.

So read on, Random Anonymous Blog Reader! Let’s do this.

~ Anna, aka The Hausewife



2 responses to “About TEA

  1. Congratulations on getting your awesome new space set up! I am so glad you went with light text on a dark background – no matter how much one would wish it, a computer is not a piece of paper, and when you spent a lot of time eyeballing one, you’re essentially staring into a light bulb. Lovely, eye-saving dark backgrounds eliminate eye strain and since I plan on checking in here a lot (but totally NOT stalking… unless you’re into that sort of thing), that’s a plus!

    In other news, I LOVE your banner!! Next time you have some spare hours, I’d love a new banner for TAL 😉

    Welcome to WordPress!!

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