About the Blogger

I tried doing the whole “third person, super official” style of bio, but it made me feel like a douche. So, I’ll just tell you, I’m Anna. I’m also known as The Hausewife on the internet, Xbox Live, and anywhere else an alias can be used without raising red flags and suspicion.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and housewife who just moved back to Southeast Texas from New Orleans. My heart still roams the cobblestones of Uptown and The Quarter, but it’s good to be back with our families and friends.

I spend my days scrubbing things with vinegar; constructing lovely meals that are gluten- and dairy-free, even though I still make biscuits and things with cheese; obsessively making lists (even of things that have already been done); drinking coffee and scheming with my friends, who are totally amazeballs; and seeing to the needs of my husband, our daughter, our bulldog Henry & cat Robert.

I have baby fever like whoa, and we’re hoping that, in addition to making me feel pretty rad physically, that going Paleo (except that delicious cheese… I’m a bad cavewoman) will help me get knocked up. My baby just turned eight. She’s too big. I need a new one. The Hubs works offshore, and though we’re still getting used to the schedule, it works for us: just long enough apart to appreciate each other, not enough time together to get sick of one another. It’s very Zen.

Between demands and crises I enjoy writing, playing Xbox, drinking wine and Pinning all the crafty things I am going to finally do “one day”.  I’m also crazy good at being on Facebook. Gin is my liquor of choice and the internet is my drug. I like zombies and pin-up girls and sushi and highly quotable comedies. I procrastinate to the point of panic and I get stuff done a lot better when the final countdown has begun. I don’t like romantic movies or being pressured- although it’s sometimes the only way to get me to do or try something- and I find rudeness and poor grammar intolerable. I get a little salty at times, so if you can’t handle the odd four-letter-word, you’re gonna have a bad time. I think I’m normal in the sense that I don’t keep bodies under my house, but mostly I’m just me. And I hope you enjoy this hot mess of a blog.

Me, Circa 2013

Me, Circa 2013

Me, Circa 2011, When TEA Was Founded


2 responses to “About the Blogger

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  2. I found a video for you:

    Now anytime you lack motivation, I want you to watch it, think of me (maybe with some light fondling), and then get your ass in gear.
    You’re welcome 😉

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