What’s That…? Could It Be? Why, It’s…

The weather is cool! The air is crisp! This is the time of year when I feel rejuvenated and alive, frolicsome, even… like a spastic little filly in a field of rolling laundry. That “warmth” and “sunshine” crap is for the birds. The Skinny Minnie’s of the world can have Spring and definitely Summer. The only thing hot weather is good for, in my book, is making avocadoes. And… That’s it. Crawfish maybe? But other than that, all it’s good for is making me want to curl up on the kitchen floor and rock while complaining about everything in the universe and wait until the outdoor thermometer hits <72 degrees. Especially obtrusive here in the South, the very air itself feels like it’s actively trying to strangle me. “Why do I even live here?” is a thought I have with shocking regularity. Heat makes me want to do no things. Except murder, which is no good for anybody.

But that has all changed! At least for now, Fall is here!

TEA Pumpkin Spice eCard
A friend posted this on my Facebook page, and it’s true- that white girl is me

So, with the French doors open wide, coffee in hand and yoga pants snuggly in place, I’m ready to spend more time blogging about my list of stuff I need to get done than I actually devote to the tasks listed!

I used to spend more time crouched over my keyboard, determined to be Internet Famous for at least a hot minute- before launching my still-in-the-works book and rocketing off into Never Never (Clean House Again) Land- but have since decided ain’t nobody got time for that. Besides, when I realistically thought about it, I did think it would be rather like Suburban Snapshots’ experience with the attention of the Interwebs: Cool, yeah, but pretty much equally a pain in the ass surrounded by anonymous buttholes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be legit countdown-to-the-breakdown famous one day for channeling my unceasing inner creativity into words for people’s consumption, but my cutesy little online outlet ain’t gonna git ‘er done. I still love TEA, and will continue to use it to feel super special, but it’s the book(s) that are going to do the thing.

That is something else I’ve been making more progress in, what with the free high courtesy of the temps below Hell Fire degrees, but I digress. After Googling “belly button as adult” and learning everything anyone never cared to learn about the navel (I suddenly had an intense urge to know what it’s connected to on the inside of an adult torso, which is nothing, I think), I made up my mind to come here, post my list (super dense because The Hubs will be home in just two sleeps!), and get to work. I heard it’s supposed to warm up later today, and I don’t want to get caught Cinderella-style with one shoe on and pumpkin all over the place.

To the list!

  • Coffee
  • Useless and unnecessary Googling
  • Blog
  • Laundry
  • Folding
  • Put away-ing
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Clean sink
  • Pick up kitchen
  • Pick up living room
  • Dust
  • Pick up master bathroom
  • Make list for unsuspecting loin fruit upon return from school

Tomorrow I’m going to do floors. I dislike doing floors. But alas, floors must be done. Tuesdays always strike me as the best time for this, so that is the rationalization I’m using to convince myself that that is why I’m not doing them today.

Now run! Outside! Enjoy the cool weather! Before it gets away!


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