The Triumphant Return of The Hausewife

Or, The Renewed Adventures of a Stay-At-Home Mom. I couldn’t decide, so you can take your pick.

Life today is almost unrecognizable from what it was when The Everyday Alchemist was formerly moving full steam ahead. But because my affinity for lists hasn’t been one of the many changes, I’ll break it down for you:

  • We moved back to Texas! This is good for me and good for you, as all my family and friends are here, both groups are awesome, and there will be plenty of shenanigans to share
  • We are in an awesome house! The fact that it isn’t a cramped log cabin should be sufficient awesomeness, but it’s spacious, in a good neighborhood within a good school district and The Hubs’ bestie lives next door (and I swear to God, I am going to have to go over there and murder him right now, because it’s his day off and he’s working on something in his shop that sounds like a jack hammer fueled by cocaine and rock and roll)
  • I have forever escaped the clutches of my horrid excuse for a job, and perhaps will one day actually be able to eat a chicken wing again
  • I’m back at my full time mommy and housewife gig, which is really where I excel (and because I am not paying $10 to change my Xbox live name)
  • I have a brand new- to existence, not just “brand new to me”!- desktop computer with a ginormous screen and the latest version of Microsoft Office so that I can quite pecking out excerpts with my thumbs on my iPhone and actually get down to work on my writing projects
  • I’m working on writing projects that aren’t just mine, as well! I’m editing a comic book (very scary, you won’t be buying the kids a copy for Christmas), I’m the new editor of the Beaumont Breastfeeding Coalition’s newsletter, and I’m a featured blogger over at
  • A change that is good for our family but not always fun is that The Hubs now works offshore. He’s the Medical Person In Charge (yeah, that’s right, I just title-dropped) of an oil rig, and while I’m terribly proud of him, it does rather suck being a single parent 50% of the month. But… that just leaves more time for blogging and crafting and not doing laundry. So the same, really, without the squabbling

Like many of my lists, that got rather off track. I had intended to talk more about The Beeb’s first day of school and how I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of not choking up as I turn her over to her new teacher.

You can see the sadness all over my face

She was so excited to go to school that she got up at 6:30 totally unprompted, and we all had a lovely morning preparing for the day. She was also ecstatic that her daddy got to bring her to school for the first day, too. After saying our goodbyes, he and I went to Rao’s and had croissants and coffee. I realized it was the first First Day since Kindergarten that we’d actually been able to go together, and it was rather like a reward for not altogether losing our shit while wading through the insanity of last-minute supply shopping at The Place of Which We Do Not Speak (I’ll give you a hint- their patrons are often seen in bra-less tank tops and pajama pants with mismatched flip-flops) the day before. It made it a bit easier for him to ship off this morning. By 5:30 am he was on his way, but he stopped to leave a note, and The Producers soundtrack I thought was lost, for me to find when I got in my car. It really is a shame he had to go, because that’s a really good way to get lucky around here.

So now I’m drinking coffee, trying desperately to finish this post before something else distracts me (I am apparently very popular this morning), and getting to work on my list. For your viewing pleasure, these are the things going down today:

  • Make coffee
  • Make beds
  • Pick up the living room
  • Run dishwasher
  • Pick up kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Make meal plans and grocery list (must remember stuff for school lunches AND snacks!
  • Get nails did
  • Go to HEB (can I just say how totally stoked I am to be able to go to HEB again???)
  • Pick up Da Beeb
  • Homework
  • Dinner
  • Dinner clean up
  • Bath
  • Maybe wine (lol “maybe”…)

Damn it’s good to be back. Have a freakin’ awesome day!


2 responses to “The Triumphant Return of The Hausewife

  1. Have I mentioned how glad I am that you’re back in TX?

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