Getting Back in the Saddle

I never really understood just how flippin’ great it is to be home alone during the day. I mean, I got  that it was pretty cool. My Hausewifely days got off to a rough start in the beginning, and I never really shook that funk. Having had a “real” job for the last six months has really made it clear that being able to stay home to take care of your family- especially when they aren’t home to be all up in your space- is a truly blessed arrangement. Mornings in particular are awesome, because I don’t like getting up, but immensely enjoy being up. And when it’s Fall, everything rocks just a little bit more. But it’s easy to get mired down, to get discouraged. And what’s easier than putting stuff off when you don’t have anywhere to go? That’s a slippery slope for a serial procrastinator such as myself. Stepping out of a situation makes it much easier to reboot and take in the whole picture; to see things in a new light. Saying that I didn’t appreciate it before tastes a little bit like crow, so I’ll not say that. I will opt instead to say that, while I enjoy making money for the things I do and enjoy being out of the house and around people taller than my boobs, I wouldn’t punch my spouse in the throat if he was like “Hey, girl, why don’t you reclaim your starring role as stay-at-home mom. That was really sexy.”

Especially if my spouse was Ryan Gosling.


I’d be tempted to fold socks for this man.
I said tempted, let’s not get crazy.

But yeah, I rather miss it. Speaking of changing the subject, Pinterest!

If you’d like to see the amazing things I hoard obsessively Pin, then by all means, follow me! I’ll go a few days, a week without Pinning anything, and them BAM! 47 New Pins! It’s like binge eating without the calories. Which is good. Because I have almost 8,000 Pins.

Oh, hey, one thing that’s changed is that I’m going to go back the day after each post and edit it to strike out what I actually accomplished. Before, I only scratched what I’d done prior to posting. But how would you know if I did the rest? You’d never know! But now that I’ll put on the internet what did and did not get done, you’ll know with 100% certainty, because it will be right there on the internet. I’m most happy about getting my desk organized yesterday (do I have to say that I only did the top of the desk, not the inside? No? Oh good. Because that totally didn’t happen.) I got all of my bow stuff situated for easy crafting, which is equally enthralling. Looking at it all, though, really made me feel both excited and absolutely dreadful. I’m not a big spender. Spending money, even if I really need or want it, makes me terribly uncomfortable. I knew I’d spent a bit- and bought almost nothing that wasn’t on sale; most was 50% off- but to see it all together, covering an entire desk, it made me feel really selfish. Despite that, shopping for it all, scooping up deals, seeing it now, and planning its use does really make me happy. The only cure, I believe, is to make no less than 5 bows today. Other than unloading the dishwasher and doing one load of laundry, that is my primary objective for today. I shall be an accomplished haberdasher by day’s end!

My coffee is cold, and I want to get started, so without further delay, here is today’s list!

  • Make coffee (I have lots of pumpkin mix left!)
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Laundry
  • Fold clothes
  • Hang up clothes
  • Put away clothes
  • Tidy living room
  • Tweak the logo for Mom’s refurbished furniture venture
  • Peruse Pinterest for fresh inspiration
  • Make some damn bows!!!

I would like to add before I go, thank you for reading this. I really enjoy writing this blog, and I’m glad to be back. Nothing feels quite like the small but sparkling thrill of seeing that people have read it. It’s like Hey, I’m not just a socially awkward cat lady talking to herself on the interwebs- there are people reading this! So, thanks. A hug would be too much, I may not know you, and you could be a crazy person.

*virtual fist bump*


5 responses to “Getting Back in the Saddle

  1. LOL – I’m so glad you’re back. And 8,000 pins? I am only at 6,500 +, so I take that as a challenge 😉 Fist bump!!

  2. For the record, I THOROUGHLY enjoy pinterest stalking you. Although, it always leads to excessive googling (some of those crazy old photos!!)

  3. I enjoyed reading this. I love you.

  4. Welcome back love this totally made my morning while sitting in training sneaking peeks at my phone like a kid in a cookie jar!!!!lol

  5. Aww, thanks guys! I’m glad y’all enjoy it! That’s what really makes it fulfilling for me, your readership. It makes me all tingly in my blogging places.

    And Heather- bring it sister! lol

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