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“Coffee & Kitty litter. That’s sexay.”

You disagree? Well, I think it’s pretty sexy when I don’t have to make one or scoop the other. Today is off to a good start already!

I’m getting ready for work (certainly not Pinning, Facebooking and stalling…), so this will be short. There’s not much for me to list today, anyway, because I’ll be at work, Dustin is home all day and I’m just blessed like that.

Now let’s take a moment to think about our wonderful men
[Photo is unrelated]

So, now that I spent like 20 minutes looking for a good photo for this post and got distracted and spent 14 of those minutes at Dog Shaming blog let’s get this done so I’m not late for work dammit!

  • Drink coffee made for me
  • Make-up
  • Clothes
  • Drive to work with less than two less-than-ladylike road rage moments
  • Have a joyous day at work/ make that money
  • Return home in a good mood
  • Laundry
  • Get Shelby form school
  • Cook supper
  • Pick up kitchen
  • Make 3 bows while watching TV this evening



Getting Back in the Saddle

I never really understood just how flippin’ great it is to be home alone during the day. I mean, I got  that it was pretty cool. My Hausewifely days got off to a rough start in the beginning, and I never really shook that funk. Having had a “real” job for the last six months has really made it clear that being able to stay home to take care of your family- especially when they aren’t home to be all up in your space- is a truly blessed arrangement. Mornings in particular are awesome, because I don’t like getting up, but immensely enjoy being up. And when it’s Fall, everything rocks just a little bit more. But it’s easy to get mired down, to get discouraged. And what’s easier than putting stuff off when you don’t have anywhere to go? That’s a slippery slope for a serial procrastinator such as myself. Stepping out of a situation makes it much easier to reboot and take in the whole picture; to see things in a new light. Saying that I didn’t appreciate it before tastes a little bit like crow, so I’ll not say that. I will opt instead to say that, while I enjoy making money for the things I do and enjoy being out of the house and around people taller than my boobs, I wouldn’t punch my spouse in the throat if he was like “Hey, girl, why don’t you reclaim your starring role as stay-at-home mom. That was really sexy.”

Especially if my spouse was Ryan Gosling.


I’d be tempted to fold socks for this man.
I said tempted, let’s not get crazy.

But yeah, I rather miss it. Speaking of changing the subject, Pinterest!

If you’d like to see the amazing things I hoard obsessively Pin, then by all means, follow me! I’ll go a few days, a week without Pinning anything, and them BAM! 47 New Pins! It’s like binge eating without the calories. Which is good. Because I have almost 8,000 Pins.

Oh, hey, one thing that’s changed is that I’m going to go back the day after each post and edit it to strike out what I actually accomplished. Before, I only scratched what I’d done prior to posting. But how would you know if I did the rest? You’d never know! But now that I’ll put on the internet what did and did not get done, you’ll know with 100% certainty, because it will be right there on the internet. I’m most happy about getting my desk organized yesterday (do I have to say that I only did the top of the desk, not the inside? No? Oh good. Because that totally didn’t happen.) I got all of my bow stuff situated for easy crafting, which is equally enthralling. Looking at it all, though, really made me feel both excited and absolutely dreadful. I’m not a big spender. Spending money, even if I really need or want it, makes me terribly uncomfortable. I knew I’d spent a bit- and bought almost nothing that wasn’t on sale; most was 50% off- but to see it all together, covering an entire desk, it made me feel really selfish. Despite that, shopping for it all, scooping up deals, seeing it now, and planning its use does really make me happy. The only cure, I believe, is to make no less than 5 bows today. Other than unloading the dishwasher and doing one load of laundry, that is my primary objective for today. I shall be an accomplished haberdasher by day’s end!

My coffee is cold, and I want to get started, so without further delay, here is today’s list!

  • Make coffee (I have lots of pumpkin mix left!)
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Laundry
  • Fold clothes
  • Hang up clothes
  • Put away clothes
  • Tidy living room
  • Tweak the logo for Mom’s refurbished furniture venture
  • Peruse Pinterest for fresh inspiration
  • Make some damn bows!!!

I would like to add before I go, thank you for reading this. I really enjoy writing this blog, and I’m glad to be back. Nothing feels quite like the small but sparkling thrill of seeing that people have read it. It’s like Hey, I’m not just a socially awkward cat lady talking to herself on the interwebs- there are people reading this! So, thanks. A hug would be too much, I may not know you, and you could be a crazy person.

*virtual fist bump*

Thirty Six Weeks and Five Days Later…

The birds are singing, the sun is shining, it’s a crisp 64 degrees outside and I’m drinking a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

. It’s like Spring and Summer never happened.

Ah, but they did! In the time since we last read of our heroine (that’s me), we moved into a log cabin in the woods (no, really); I was was stricken deathly ill for many months (I’m all better now!); The Baby was in a movie (Indeed! I’ll post clips later on); I started working at a popular Wing & Beer franchise (and stopped losing weight…); and started fantasizing about building my own sassy bow empire (read: Spending obscene amounts of money at Hobby Lobby on ribbon and rhinestones).

That’s kind of a lot. I’ll address the afore mentioned plot points as it seems reasonable to do so in upcoming posts.

Gawd, I missed this. Sitting here at my computers (elaboration forthcoming), drinking coffee, typing, letting my train of thought plow ahead at full steam to it’s rambling, caffeine-fueled and oft-times random end. Kittens.

To clarify that plural computer comment, the way I’ve gotten the MAC to agree to work- which was the numero uno reason this blog came to a screeching halt- is The Husband got a Dell monitor on eBay for cheap and hooked it up to the laptop, which worked fine except for the screen. No nerd [that didn’t have to be paid] could figure out how to remedy that situation, so the 21st Century version of a TV with working sound sitting on top of a TV with working picture has been brought to life on my desk. I also now have a desk. (It was my MIL’s when she was a teacher and we’ve had it for as long as we’ve been married, I’ve just never used it. Waste not want not and all that!)

So, yeah. Here we are. Wednesdays are now my day off (along with weekends, for childcare purposes) since the violin program Shelby was in last year has picked up again this year, and I need to be able to go to the school and be present for it. I’m going to try to update here at least on Wednesday mornings. I guess I could get up extra early all the other days, but Lord that sounds just awful, so maybe not. Baby steps, here.

Now, to get back in the groove. First, a recipe; then, a list. Yea! I feel like the old me again!

Homemade Low-Fat(ish) Pumpkin Spice Lattes

  • One can of plain pumpkin (not pie filling, at least not for this particular recipe)
  • Local honey- or whatever honey you use
  • Apple pie spice
  • Vanilla cappuccino powder
  • Hot coffee- we’re using a New Orleans brand Southern Pecan, I forget which one

Mix the pumpkin with the honey and spice to taste. Add two tablespoons to a mug with about a tablespoon of the cappuccino mix, pour in the coffee and stir. The pumpkin kind of melts into the coffee, which I was glad about. I like pumpkin, but not enough to slurp sludge made of it off the bottom of a mug. Gag. So, enjoy that!

Now, the list! This is my day off, after all, so it will be decidedly lacking in the actual chore department. And, with me bringing home a little bit of bacon- often in the form of Mango Habanero wings- Dustin has begun doing quite a bit around the house on his days off. He had two in a row, and yesterday I came home to zero dirty laundry, a clean kitchen and floors that smelled like Pinesol. If this keeps going, I may be pregnant before the year is out.

Anyway, here we go:

  • Make delicious coffee
  • Feed the animals
  • Blow the dust off of TEA, work on getting groove back
  • Clean office area
  • Search Pinterest for the very best desk organization ideas
  • Organize bow-making supplies
  • Bring trash can back from road (ah, country life)
  • (What little bit of) Laundry (there is)
  • Fold laundry
  • Hang clothes
  • Put away clean clothes (I hate laundry, so it counts as two)
  • Make self presentable
  • Go to violin practice
  • Make a few bows at newly beautiful desk

[Edited to reflect what got done. Holla!]

There you have it, folks! A fresh new blog post from your favorite, slightly patinated* blog. Have a wonderful day!

*This is the adjective derivative of the word ‘patina’. Who knew, right?

Oo, also, I forgot I needed to add a picture. So here’s some advice:

Well, it’s true, ain’t it?