Unofficially Assuming Moving Mode

Dear Lord. I’ve been on the computer for like 3 hours already, including Skyping with ~h and updating my About the Blogger thing. What is this feeling I feel? Am I over the internet for today? This is new and unsettling. I don’t like it. Surely it’ll pass.

This isn’t going to be a terribly long or fulfilling post, as I’ve got lots to do today, and I feel like my butt’s about to fall asleep. I spent a good chunk of yesterday on here, recycling the Facebook page for my old blog into a page for this blog. I’m surprised and excited at the response it’s gotten already. I’m up about 15 fans, and some of them aren’t even friends and family members! And I had my first view from an internet search, so that’s something. (The thing said the term searched was “girl on diet”… don’t know if I’m relevant, but I’ll take what traffic I can get!)

Something I read this morning that I found interesting  was that John James Audubon’s book is going to auction today. I like books, I like illustrations of birds and I’m a big fan of anything having to so with this area, where Audubon is well known, so I thought that was pretty cool. I’d love to find some prints of his engravings somewhere on the cheap and frame them. They’d go phenomenally well in a log cabin.

But yeah, today I have to do some regular housework and also attempt to go through things and skim off the top. I’m going to state that this is “unofficial” in order to make myself feel very efficient that anything is getting done before it is “officially” time to actually get anything done. I’m very clever. Clearly.

Without wasting anymore time- and before my eyeballs melt out of my head Raiders of the Lost Ark-style from staring at this screen any longer- here is today’s to-do’s:

  • Pick up kitchen
  • Clean Francois’s cage
  • Move Francois’s cage to wreck room
  • Cuddle Francois
  • Pick up living room
  • Clean Shelby’s table
  • Change Shelby’s linens
  • Bag for donation or trash 10 things from Shelby’s room (don’t you dare have sympathy for her, or I’ll send it all to your house!)
  • Laundry
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Decide what to make for supper/my vegan alternative and take meat out of freezer
  • Eat something as soon as this is done because that full pot of coffee I had this morning is eatting through my internal organs

Have a wonderful day, y’all!


2 responses to “Unofficially Assuming Moving Mode

  1. {singsong} I clicked all your links…{/singsong}

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