Let’s Get It Started In He-YAH!

Runnin’ runnin-in, runnin’ runnin-in…

Ok so after I typed that title I realized I actually hadn’t heard that song in a long time, other than in advertisements, so I had to go to YouTube and watch the video. It really is a fun song. Kinda makes me want to work out.

Love me some Jenna Marbles.
[Language Advisory] 

Now I’m back. Let’s get started, for real this time.

Hey you! Glad to see ya! Willkommen. So yesterday I was all talky and resolution-y and yada yada. Today I guess I have to put my scrub brush where my mouth is (ooo, that sounds dirty… but in a gross, fetishy way… never mind) and get to work. I spent a couple hours last night on this site reading about how this nice lady, Becky, takes care of her home. I like reading stuff like that. Much like Pinterest makes me feel like a painter-slash-sculptor-slash-interior designer-slash-literary scholar-slash-kitten enthusiast, reading about other people cleaning and organizing makes me feel cleaner and more organized. More on the cleaning and organizing in a little bit when I start my list.

Broth Watch 2012, as I have just named it, is still in full swing. This whole perpetual broth thing that I linked about yesterday has really been cool. Shelby loves it, and not only drank broth all day (although you’re supposed to let it cook for a day before consuming) yesterday, but had some for breakfast. I even filled a  go-mug with it last night when Dustin came home for a minute between jobs and sent it for him to sip on his way to work. He was skeptical about a mug of chicken water, but raved about it this morning. The liquid is much darker and more rich looking and smelling today, which is driving me crazy (why does chicken have to be a meat and therefore non-vegan?!?!). I put about a quart of it away in the fridge last night, replaced the water, and this morning took almost all the liguid out (still cooling on the counter pre-fridge) and replaced it. I poked a piece of remaining chicken with a fork, and it seems really tender, but not overly soft. I sure wanted to put it in my mouth. [A mini-resolution of sorts is to not say “That’s what she said! Hi-oh!…” so much. I’m just so good at setting it up, it’s become second nature. It’s really hard… o.O …… Dammit!] I’m kind of thinking about buying a smaller crock pot (used maybe? I like the idea, but who knows what people have been crocking in their pot…) and just doing a small chicken once a month. Chicken broth is good for you, and not that fattening (I assume, I haven’t actually put forth the effort to find out), so that might help me on the quest for bigger pants. Sipping some savory broth during the day sounds awesome.

I also wanted to sort of add an addendum to the resolution list. I want to update here regularly (big fat check mark for today!), but also work a lot more on my creative writing, my fiction projects. I hope to at least have one polished and finished by 12/21/12 so I can clutch it while the sky dragons rain fire down upon the Earth (isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?) while yelling “I did it! I finally finished a project!”.

“All 50,000 words! Single spaced! My legacy will li- wait…”

Either that or get it finished and sold to someone who is going to help me get it in the hands of hopefully many more someones. Or digitally release it myself, even if it is a pain in the butt and really labor-intensive. My beloved ~h is spectacular at motivating me and getting my creative juices flowing, as I am for her *pats self on back*, and this morning was a wonderful flow of ideas and humor for one of her fantastic ventures. Once I get this thing over and done with, I’ll try to make a few quick notes for her undertaking before continuing with my day. Even though it’s not getting anything done out of my striped notebook, it still makes me feel satisfied. Much like sex and pizza, the more creative you get, the more you want. Or something like that. I just wanted to make a sex reference. And a pizza one. Is vegan week over yet? F*ck.

Here is today’s list. I’m going to shoot for simple. I don’t want to heap too much on myself all at once, lest my inner teenager rebel, scream “You’re not my real me!” and lock herself in the bathroom. Although, really, if she cleans the tub while she’s in there, I don’t give a crap what she says.

  •  Update Blog
  • Clean and redo household calender (it’s still on September- isn’t that just ridiculous?)
  • Pick up kitchen
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Clean counters
  • Wipe down stove
  • Take out trash
  • Pick up living room
  • Laundry
  • Figure out where to put all the coats (I seriously never knew we had so many until everyone just started draping them over the chairs at the table)
  • Clean coffee table
  • Clean side table
  • Pick up bedroom
  • Change linens
  • Shower
  • Make-up
  • Apply for electricity permit for new house (yeah, you need a Parish permit to get electricity turned on. Ridiculous…)
  • Go to post office
  • Fuel car
  • Call school about boxes from cafeteria (totally forgot about this until just now! Thanks for reminding me, Me. I really need to do this)

And there you have it, the first chore list of the year from yours truly. Enjoy, and may you have a productive day [now that it’s almost noon]!


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