Back On The Wagon

Last week was one big perfect storm of holiday madness, mayhem and foolishness in my personal life, technical difficulties (such as our wireless network renaming itself and playing hide and seek) and WordPress ignoring me.

But here I am! Ready to start anew on this glorious Monday Tuesday morning! I even have a little somethin’-somethin’ in the works. A little project of mine that I’ve been putting together for all 6 of you. It is going to be *singing voice* aaaaaaaawesoooooome!

Aside from greatness in the making, what shall I do today, you ask? Why, thank you for your enquiry! Quite nice of you to take an interest in my goings-on, quite nice. [You can hear the mid-atlantic accent and the monocle, yes?] Indeed. Tallyho!

  • Coffee (in mah belly!)
  • Update blog (in progress!)
  • Pick up kitchen after Dustin and Shelby’s cookie-making last night
  • Remember not to let anyone make cookies in my kitchen unsupervised again
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Clean sink
  • Scrub counters
  • Wipe stove
  • Clean coffee pot?
  • Laundry
  • Finish separating garage sale clothes for bringing to Texas
  • Organize gifts all over art room
  • Pick up art room
  • Pick up living room
  • Vaccum rug
  • Sweep everywhere
  • Spot mop
  • Cry some more over dead steam mop
  • Console self with Xbox time (Saints Row: The Third is totally the shizz!!!)
  • Dust
  • Pick up bedroom
  • Pick up bathroom
  • Fold clothes
  • Make The Husband do three things on this list (except cry or Xbox… well maybe cry, but only while doing something else)
  • Pick up Shelby from after school program (I will admit, twice in the last 3 weeks I have lost track of time and been late. I have not, as she likes to announce quite loudly, “forgotten all about having” her)

This is a pretty ambitious list, to be sure. I say, if I get… meh… 15? Sixteen things done? That would be pretty bangin’. The exterminator is coming for the bi-annual termite spraying, and I want to make sure the only ridiculous thing he finds is people who live in a brick house paying for it to be sprayed twice a year for termites.

What I think about every time I think about exterminators. If you know why, you get 1000 nerd points and a good firm pat on the ass the next time I see you.

If you have any requests for recipes, tips (yeah, I know, I’ve dropped that ball so bad that it’s deflated and I don’t even know where it is), etc etc, please do let me know! I’d love to have someone to blame for my content besides myself.

Oh. Right. I promised a funny picture last week, didn’t I? Well, how about:

And because the first picture is too ugly for my Facebook link, and the other is too long, here’s a picture of some baby toes:



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