No Updates Update

Wow, is that a tumble weed over there? Who knew a blog page could get dust on it? HOLY SH*T AN INTERNET SPIDER!

Yeah, it’s pretty dead here at the moment. My apologies for denying you all the considerable amount of awesome I tend to bring to those who read my words. Things are just hectic, crazy, ridiculous, <insert overly dramatic adjective here/>. If no sooner, you’ll find freshly typed sentences full of funny and profanity on Monday. But hopefully sooner. But probably not. But maybe.

So thank you for not forgetting TEA and moving on to another festive, salty mom blog. If you did move on though, it’s cool. We can work this out. I’ll share. I’m super modern like that. I’ve always been Bi-Bloxual anyway.

This entry is pretty lame, so here’s some hilarious parent FAIL as documented via Smart Phone:


One response to “No Updates Update

  1. Miss you, love you, hugs and kisses 🙂

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