Write On

Today is going to be a good day. How do I know this? One: Coffee. B: No fits were thrown while getting ready for school. Also: Getting to talk to people who give me the warm fuzzies. Especially creative people who make me all tingly in my writey places, like my dear friend ~h. So, first order of business *sips coffee from enormous mug* is to finish this up, gather my notebooks (I have one for a specific project- my children’s book- and one for general writing purposes- lines I think of, story ideas, planning the demise of my enemies under the guise of art, etc) and make sure my mechanical pencils are full of lead.

Today’s list will be shorter than it rightfully should  be because I have to drive into the city to take Shelby to the dentist this afternoon (she may actually be singing All I Want For Christmas Are My Two Front Teeth and I am way excited about this!). That is going to take some time, as we will be heading back in prime rush hour traffic in a major metropolitan area. It doesn’t help that we’ll have to drive right through the very heart of the city where all the fancy-car-owning bad drivers and the hotsy-totsy little career bimbos in their fancy little heels and pencil skirts all work. That’s how I see all the women who work in the Central Business District, anyway. Though it’s unlikely, my apologies to any of them who may be reading this. I love your pumps! How do you walk on the 200 year-old cobble stones without dying? Please don’t cut me off in traffic.

Seriously though. Because I will end you and take your shoes.

Alrighty then:

  • Writing!
  • Pick up the living room  Make Shelby pick up the living room (seriously, I went all Godzilla on her toy village last night trying to navigate the living room on my way to get clean pajama pants from the laundry on the couch)
  • Pick up the kitchen
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Clean Francois’ hutch
  • More laundry
  • Tidy our bathroom
  • Figure out something for dinner
  • Try not to kill anyone on I-10

Some of these things are easier than others.


2 responses to “Write On

  1. {tingle, tingle, tingle}
    I love you, too 🙂

    Also, actually laughed out loud at your simultaneous hate/envy of the pencil-skirted, high-heeled paragons of balance.

  2. Yeah. When I was working in the CBD I used to see them all the time. One almost went down crossing the street once. It was great. She did the ankle slip, left-right wobble, but then TOTALLY corrected mid-fall and completed her totter across the street. My disappointment was surpassed only by my being epicly impressed.

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