Laundry & Coveting Monday

Happy Cyber (or in my case, Coveting) Monday! And also, Happy Food Resentment Week! I for one had a smashing good time in Texas, which makes for a happy Hausewife. In fact, due to 6 days of Mexican food, Margaritas and Mama’s cooking I am currently 8 pounds happier. But it’s cool. After I enjoy the huevos rancheros I’m about to make us for brunch (we’ve had something of Tex-Mex origin every day since we got back…), it’s back to grapefruit juice and raw zucchini.

This girl is totally not overacting her enjoyment of that apple.

Also back on the agenda: Laundry. And lots of it. I could have easily done it at Mom’s house- or even pouted her into doing it for me- but my stepdad’s Dog of Satan hangs out in the wash room, so no. Besides, who doesn’t love having to drive home in pajama pants and arrive with a suitcase full of dirty clothes? It’s part of the joy of holiday travel! And it is Monday, the traditional New Orleans day for laundry and red beans & rice. So yes, laundry and beans today. Also coming up:

  • Unpacking the car (Boo. I think I’ll make The Husband do it.)
  • Picking up around the house after a lazy recovery weekend
  • Check out the Cyber Monday deals and lament that payday is 4 days away
  • Fold clean laundry (I’d say “and put away” but really, there’s no need to lie to you good people. It’s not getting put away today.)
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Probably make another pot of coffee
  • Start red beans
  • Do some stretching (because I’m still too bloated to do actual calisthenics.)
  • Pare down the DVR and try to remember to finally reset SNL to record
  • Rearrange the Christmas decorations my hubby was kind enough to set about without thought to aesthetics or cohesion

Sounds like a full but not awful day at home with my bacon bringer. Let me know if you get any good deals online today, so I can congratulate you and then talk bad about you to myself!


2 responses to “Laundry & Coveting Monday

  1. Mmmmmm Mexican food. Wait, that’s inaccurate. Tex-Mex. Yum.
    I remember living in California and wanting Tex-Mex SO BAD… they have Mexican food, but it’s ‘authentic’ – not the same thing at all.

    Yay for arriving home safely, snuggled in pajamas. I applaud your driving home attire – pretend like you *totally* had other clothing options but CHOSE to rock the PJs. 😉

    Miss you (in person) already!

  2. Gracias, mamacita! Miss you too. 🙂

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