Payday! Whoop Whoop!

It’s always like a little holiday, especially for me, since I eat bon-bons all day and watch soap operas (rather than get thrown up on by homeless dudes and deliver babies in moving vehicles like my sugar daddy). I wish there was a “you’ve got mail!” sort of notification that would play once that direct deposit goes through. Ah, yes. Money.

I has it.

Usually, payday is my very most favorite of days because I get dolled up, go get a Sonic drink, run my errands and do my grocery shopping. Since we will be in Texas basically all week next week, I don’t need to grocery shop (soup and sandwiches until Saturday, y’all!). And I ran most of whatever errands might come up last week. So now what? I think I’m going to go to Wal-Mart (Ooo! Or Sam’s!) just for good measure. In fact, yes, Sam’s, because I want the cheapest gas possible. So, make-up, Sonic, Sam’s…. What else? I could do some chores. No, no. Let’s not get crazy. This is Out of The House Day. Maybe… Dollar Tree? For Shampoo. And… You know what, I am going to go to the mall! I honestly never think to. Like, ever. But we have a perfectly fine (albeit tiny) mall across the street from Sam’s. It’s perfect for walking laps while you window shop. I always get a bit of a rush passing all the other mall walkers. Move over, grandpa! Better grease that prosthetic hip for next time! Excellent. So, make-up, Sonic, Sam’s, Dollar Tree  (no, scratch that, I don’t need shampoo that bad), mall. Boo yah! This day just got awesome.

Oh yeah, people call me The Hausewife. Um, ok, wifely things…

  • Laundry (done! Boom!)
  • Unload dishwasher
  • Reload dishwasher
  • Put away all the clothes I folded yesterday but then started watching Steel Magnolias on WE then got tired and went to bed
  • Pick up the kitchen
  • Make lists of:
    1) everything we need to bring to Texas
    2) everything/one we need to do/see in Texas
    3) groceries to buy upon our return because Yaya’s leftovers only
    go so far

There. Chores. Everyone happy? Fantastic! Happy (possible) Payday to you all!


3 responses to “Payday! Whoop Whoop!

  1. I’m curious who the one’s you need to do are. 😉 and no, payday isn’t until tomorrow. poop. BUT, I have to do all that laundry you speak of. and then some. And I have to crawl into the attic and pull out all of our camping gear. I could wait for my husband to come home, but I like to prove that I can do anything he can do (better). See you in a few days!!!

  2. Haha! I went scouring through the post trying to find an unintentional innuendo. I knew when I slashed up that sentence someone would say something. Congratulations, imaginary cookie for you for being the first!


    And yes, how did that camping gear gathering go? I seem to remember someone on Facebook talking about all the nostalgia they unearthed, but not so much about the camping equipment…. ; ) Can’t wait to see you and have some F.U.N.!

  3. We use Chase bank, and I have their mobile app, so I do get a notification of our automatic deposits! It’s great, usually it’s already notified me by the time I get up. 🙂

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