Rainy Day Activities For Mom

Dude. It is seriously pouring outside. Like, torrential. Like, I have not seen it rain like this since a day a long time ago that I’m not sure of the date but am not committed enough to this sentence to think about enough to remember. But yeah, it’s totally raining.

Moms should get Rainy Days. You know, like when it’s raining outside and your kids are whining about being booooooored and are closer to death than they may ever know. You have to do something to shut them up, and since you have no desire to be the inspiration for an episode of Snapped, you have to find a way to entertain them. Well. Maybe I’m boooooored. Maybe I don’t feel like doing anything when it’s fabulously soggy outside.  Maybe there’s an inclement weather loophole about cocktails before noon. I think the answers are Yes, Yes, and Surely somewhere. So today, I will do very little of cleaning, and very much of vegging. I’ll finish my list from yesterday (I’m not gonna lie, totally didn’t do anything to the bathroom), work on finishing my painting and watch How I Met Your Mother re-runs on Lifetime and Pin wonderful things that make me feel cozy on a raining day. But I will be sure everyone gets fed and everyone has clean dishes (paper plates are a gift from God) and all will be right with the world tomorrow when mom is back to scrubbing the counters and wondering what that smell is.

Oh yes! And in case you were wondering what sort of fabulousness sprang forth from my fantastic mind and onto the canvas yesterday (completely unaided by libation, mind you!), here ya go:

Ta-da! It is as of yet unfinished. But hey, ya can’t rush art!


2 responses to “Rainy Day Activities For Mom

  1. “closer to death than they may ever know” I love this, happens more than I’d like to admit! And love the painting!

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you like my how I paint with my hands and my words! ; )

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