Flashing: A Good Way to Start the Week

I suppose there is a small piece of my brain missing that causes me to forget that every week, there are the same seven days that get used over and over, and that those days sometimes have things that happen on them every week, like Saturday Night Live (the day is right there in the title, and for some reason I am almost always surprised that it’s about to come on). I almost always forget that violin lessons are every Monday at 9 am as well. How? Why? Orange? Who knows?!

So anyway, I manage a shower and make-up before zooming up to the school (parents have to be present) to get Shelby from class and walk her to the opposite end of the building for her lesson. There’s only one other boy, and today he wasn’t there, so she had the teacher all to herself (which is nice, because, adorable though that boy is, I want to strangle him with his own strings). Not seeing this as a golden opportunity to get some one-on-one attention, Shelby spends most of the class fidgeting, trying to walk in circles and purposely playing the wrong cords. I was about ready to beat her with her extra bow when class was finally over. But, when the instructor walked away to return his instrument to it’s case, she manned up and played the piece beautifully. Then basically threw her violin at me and ran to meet a passing friend in the hall. He said that she may have a confidence issue or be shy about her playing (which sounds about right for her), but that all her shenanigans remind him of his older Gifted & Talented kids, and that she seems to really have some natural talent. Perhaps he is taking an added interest in her because he sees her potential. Or maybe he’s hoping that we will continue to come to class since halfway through she walked right up to me, threw the front of my shirt in the air and gave my tummy a hug. There’s no way to be sure. But, if it lands her a scholarship down the road, I’ll wear pasties to the next session, just in case.

Did somebody say “full ride”?

Now that I’ve been exposed on an elementary school campus, it’s probably all up hill from here! (Which, really, when you’re doing housework, up hill sounds just awful.) Once I get through typing, I’ll:

  • Do some laundry (already done, boo yah!)
  • Make the bed (this too, what what!)
  • Unload the dishwasher (still gotta do it. Boo.)
  • Reload the dishwasher
  • Clean the sink
  • Take out the trash
  • Fold clothes
  • Pick up the living room a little
  • Pick up the bedroom a lot
  • Find and wash all the stray water glasses
  • Dust the bedroom (I swear the TV just spits it out like fluffy exhaust fumes)
  • Return all jewelry and hair things to their rightful places
  • Look disgustedly at Shelby’s messy room then close the door
Dustin went hunting this morning, so there is still a possibility that I will have to do some butchering and putting-away. I don’t mind, as long as this one isn’t full of buck shot like the last one. I like my teeth just the way they are, thank you. But we’ll see. Something about flashing musicians always makes me want some good ol’ BBQ.

8 responses to “Flashing: A Good Way to Start the Week

  1. Well, our To Do list was literally EXACTLY the same today. I’ve managed to get down to “clean the sink”. I have a bajillion loads of laundry to do AND fold. and I love that I’m not the only one that looks disgustedly into their room and just shuts the door. as for the water glasses…am I the only one that has cups of water throughout the house? Dan says i’m waiting on aliens to invade like in that Mel Gibson movie. To that I say, “Well then, aren’t you glad I leave them where they are?”

  2. ps: i died laughing at your “Free Ride” pic.

  3. Boo to housework. I am recovering from weekend Ren Festivities with a modicum of schoolwork and a bunch-a relaxin’. I’m thinking we’ll finish up Peter and the Starcatchers later, then watch Peter Pan on Netlix to round out the day.

  4. Awesome!! Love your blog, can’t wait to read the rest. 🙂

  5. My Cousin Nicole sent me.. 🙂 Great post!!!

  6. Thank you ladies!

    Nicole- I’m glad to hear you and I are in the same trenches on the front line of orderliness (and that we’re both as likely to retreat at the sight of our children’s war zones). And yes, I laughed out loud myself at that. Then continued to make my husband watch as I laughed some more. It took me a long time to find that picture, but it was worth it. I crack me up.

    H- Boo, indeed! But, I have not the excuse of weekend debauchery. I loved the pictures on FB. I only wish I could have been there to gnaw on turkey legs and air out my terrible British accent with you!

  7. (Also, Nicole, that is hilarious about the water glasses and aliens. Our house would be all set, too!)

  8. Annnnd to the other two lovely people who commented, thank you! I’m still new at this, and did not realize I had to approve some comments before they would be posted! Thank you for your visit, your kind words, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the show! : D

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