It’s Morning… Somewhere

Holy shizz! I just realized that, hello, it is dark outside and I haven’t updated today. I don’t even have the excuse of not being near the computer, because I have, in fact, been on the computer most of the day. After ditching the ankle biter I came home to hot coffee and a three way [Skype] with two fantastic Texas ladies. We spent a good 30 minutes rigging what I would describe as the 2011 equivalent of putting a TV with working sound on top of a TV with working picture: Using Skype for audio and Yahoo Messenger for video (because we were all gonna be damned before we paid Skype a dime to use their three way video service, thankyouverymuch).  I then had a lengthy and lovely catching-up session with the Mad Minx. After all that awesomeness I proceeded to do…. absolutely nothing. Due to scheduling, I had more time than usual to get things done, so instead of chores I killed zombies with spitting flowers and then watched Super Troopers on Netflix. Much better than dusting.

Even spelled incorrectly, it’s still the funnest word to say!

I’m gonna be honest, this is the closest thing to actual work I’ve done today, and I am ok with that. Much like moderately priced antiperspirant, I kick in in the clutch and do my best work when there is just literally no time to spare. I’ll probably finish this up, watch some music videos and Asian fast food commercials on YouTube, and then put on the laundry and clean the kitchen. And probably not much else. Thursdays are so nice for cleaning, anyway. I’d hate to steal it’s thunder. So really, what I’m doing is giving a respectable day it’s due. It’s called being considerate. And it’s what a good little Hausewife would do. (If you see one, be a dear and ask her for me.)


2 responses to “It’s Morning… Somewhere

  1. I thought I commented on this already… weird.

    So – three way video chat without paying for it was *awesome*.
    Again, again!


  2. i logged into Skype and added you, finally!

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