Experiencing Technological Insanity

Our household computer- a MAC laptop- likes to pass the time by not lighting its screen if you so much as think about moving it (which is why I leave it on our bar, propped up on books to make it a bit closer to eye level). Well, guess what! Someone thought about moving it! And then did it! Because they obviously want me to murder them until they die from it.

So, the blog will not be getting updated until MAC decides to play ball again. (I’m on my phone right now, which types all wonky. To get to this point has taken 10 minutes, I kid you not. I would murder myself if I had to routinely blog from this thing.) Perhaps sacrifices would coax the screen back to life? At any rate, hopefully things will be back to normal PDQ. Please check back soon!

I’m off to procure some fatted calf.


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