Caffeine, The Internet and Classy Broads

Dude. How did anyone keep in touch with their friends before Facebook, and how has anyone gotten anything done since? I just spent the last hour or so on multiple threads with some of the awesomest biotches ever, drinking coffee, quoting John Waters and calling each other prostitutes. It was indeed nourishment for the soul. But seriously, I need to pound out this entry so I can beautify mah face and get out the door. My friends really are the bestest, though.

Good to the last status update.

Today’s To-Do’s are mainly exterior. (Oh God! The notifications! They go to my phone! Must… resist….) I have to refill my travel mug with joe and:

  • Get my nails did
  • Go to the Dollar Tree for $1 bags of pretzels (holla!) and a sticky hand thing I promised Shelby
  • Go to Sam’s for gas
  • Remember to get some boxes, and also see if there are any samples to be had
  • Go to Wal-Mart and get the groceries, household necessities and incidentals for this pay period
  • Go by this adorable little cafe down the road and see if they have a to-go menu, and possibly a need for a sassy new lunch waitress
Then I must:
  • Unload and put away groceries (can this count as 5 things? This should count as more because it’s just awful)
  • Unload the dishwasher
  • Reload it
  • Pick up random things out of place in the house
  • Laundry
  • Uniforms for everyone (work, school and yoga pants)
Now, I shall finish my coffee, resist the siren song of social networking and conquer this day like it’s a civilization with resources my monarchy desires!

3 responses to “Caffeine, The Internet and Classy Broads

  1. You’re my hero! Now…if you actually complete this list, I’ll grovel at your feet. I hope you get that cafe job…I bet it will be fun! PS: boxes?? moving again?

  2. Yeah… much as people complain about Facebook, much of the time, that’s my only interaction with real adults between Loverly Husband’s goodbye kiss in the morning and his welcome home kiss in the afternoon. I’d probably die without the internets.
    And I ❤ you, too 🙂

  3. @ Nicole- I ALMOST got everything done. I didn’t do much laundry when I got in. The cafe was closed by the time I made it by (they’re only open 10-2), and I forgot to get boxes. We’re not moving any time soon, I just want to pare down some of this clutter! Out of sight, out of mind, yes?

    @ H- I know!!! That’s part of the reason I went ahead and started this blog- without the interwebs, I am an absent-minded (albeit fabulous) housewife with wild hair walking around in one house shoe muttering to a dog and a rabbit. That can’t be healthy. Online, however, I am quite the big deal.

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