Hot Dog Surprise: It’s What’s For Dinner

So everyone was all excited about having hotdogs tonight. I was even going to make home made buns, because we don’t have any store-bought and because I can make the s*%t out of some home made bread. But alas, when I went to the fridge to get some yeast, I discovered there was none! This is a dilemma. I’m actually kind of surprised, as I generally buy a three-packet strip once a month, whether I’m out or not. But, as I said, there was none. So a plan began to form. I had intended to wrap the hotdogs in the dough and bake them to surprise (the origin of the terribly unique name I gave them) my family with doughy, cheesy, weenie goodness. But without yeast? It can be done! I googled “yeast free dough,” was directed to this recipe and voila: Hot Dog Surprise. I formed six rough rounds of dough, sprinkled on a little shredded cheese, added a Jennie-O turkey dog (I love that they’re turkey, and they’re a dollah! [Holla!]) and rolled. I baked them on a Pammed cookie sheet at the directed temperature for an amount of time of which I am not sure. But they were nice and golden brown when I remembered to take them out. Add some BBQ sauce for dipping, some buttery corn, and there you have a fun (if not well balanced) Tuesday night meal. It’s ok, though. We’ll all have salads and water tomorrow. Or pizza. Whichever sounds tastier come meal time.


Oh, and you may be thinking, “But Hausewife, aren’t those called ‘pigs in a blanket’?” Why, in any other house, you’d be correct. But tonight, when Shelby whined “What are we haaaaaaving for suuuuuuupper?”, not wanting to get shot right out the gate, I told her “It’s a surprise. A hot dog surprise!” to which she responded quite well. Once they were done and I had her plate fixed, her smile faded a little and she said “Oh, it’s pigs in a blanket. Like at school.” It hadn’t even  thought to call them that, as I’ve never made PIAB. I’d been feeling quite clever when I came up with the surprise part, so not wanting to let that feeling fade, I told her that these are entirely different, that if she didn’t eat her supper I’d feed her to starving children in China or something like that, and returned to the kitchen to get my very own Hot Dog Surprise. A darn fine surprise, if I do say.

That all aside, what did I do with myself today? Other than have witty and animated conversations, I:

  • Picked up the living room
  • Did laundry
  • Unloaded the dishwasher
  • Reloaded the very same dishwasher (that thing is insatiable)
  • Tidied the kitchen a little, but probably not enough to brag about
  • Took out the trash
I honestly didn’t do much. I’m using the excuse that we were out late at a party last night. Tomorrow, however, I have big house cleaning plans. Big

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