Can Adult Halloween & Kid Halloween Coexist?

We will be finding out tonight! Dustin’s cousin invited us to a party at one of her friend’s houses where there will be grown-up kool-aid AND trick-or-treating. This will be the very first Halloween Dustin has had off since Shelby was born and we’re VERY excited. He’s even going to dress up! (And not in that foam beer can costume he bought when we were dating and tried to use every year until it “went missing.” I mean, come on. It smelled like feet.) Shelby is going as Princess Peach (not as epic as the zombie ninja octopus she had originally planned, but still pretty cool); I’m going to do the skull make-up, dress a bit western-ish and call myself a Dia de los Muertos… person; and Dustin did buy a wolfman mask and paws and was going to wear a flannel shirt, but now wants to have his face painted too. We are totally going to be wearing matching costumes! I am far too enthused by this.

Having already been to Shelby’s violin lesson and thrown some laundry on (sans coffee, people!), I am starting to get that 2:30 feeling thinking about all the other stuff that has to be done before the festivities begin tonight.

Left on the list is:

  • Make some dang coffee!
  • Turn on the dishwasher because I forgot last night and just remembered it
  • Go to the Spirit store for panty hose
  • See if they will let me have a box
  • Punch holes in box
  • Round up both cats and put in box (wear eye protection and gloves)
  • Take cats to their new happy home
  • Treat injuries
  • Bake cookies
  • Pick up Shelby from School
  • Get everyone dressed
  • Load car
  • Drive an hour to party destination
Yep. That seems like enough to get done in 5 hours. Happy Halloween!

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