Halloween 2011 Make-Up Test Run

Yeah, Halloween! Not just an excuse for kids to stuff themselves with sugary snacks and female humans to leave the house in things they wouldn’t even wear to do that thing he wanted to do that time but she said no! It’s a time for crisp, fragrant air. It’s a time for anticipation of happenings yet to come and a time where it is socially acceptable to believe, just a little bit, in magic. It’s also a time to get away with some kick-ass make-up, hair and fashion choices for even the most mundane of errands! I’m not very good with make-up. I do my daily routine and the talent stops there. I’m also not much of an instructor, but below are the photos I took while I was practicing my technique I’ll be using for Halloween night. I found this video and this video helpful during the process, and used this photo of a human skull (because he looked happier than the others). Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

First I haphazardly outlined in brown eye brow pencil all the areas I wanted to make black


I’m sorry, dear, I’ll do the dishes better next time! Haha, no. I used a kohl pencil to do my eye area…

I have a thing about smells, I have to smell everything… Don’t judge me

Then I filled in the areas I wanted with black cream make-up from Wal-Mart (.97 cents a tube!) using a paint brush

Then I filled in the rest with white (same price, same place) using a brush

I defined the separation of skull and skin with a little black, as well as added some pearly whites

I filled in part of my neck (didn’t want to use all my black), painted the vertebra on and set the whole thing with some setting powder ($7 from the Spirit store)

Then I did my make-up as usual on the other side

Two Sides! (< weak SNL reference)

PTA Mom…

Undead rockstar!

Later that night, before I took it all off, I decided to do a little Dia de los Muertos-style decorating. Still undecided how to play it. We’ll have to wait and see!


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