There’s Blue Sticky Dust Just… Everywhere.

I’ve really enjoyed getting up in the mornings, getting The Baby off to school and sitting down to pound out some nuggets of fabulousness here on the blog. Today, though, I had to go up to the school and set up for the Fall Festival. It was not very Fall, and the only thing Festival about it was that there were tickets being exchanged for throwing objects at other objects and getting cheap sold-by-the-gross novelties in return. But it was fun, we ate some nachos, and I let Shelby get a yard-long Pixie Stick under the impression that she would be returning to class to have her sugar fits and come home drained. It was when I jokingly mentioned this to her teacher that she smiled and said “Oh, no, you parents are taking them home when they’re done here.” She’s already gotten in trouble several times and I’ve had to threaten TVlessness and corner time. Willie Wonka is the devil. But, on an up note, her teacher did inform me that Shelby is being recommended for placement in the Gifted & Talented Arts Program for her “artistic exceptionality” (I didn’t even know that was a word, but I like it!). She asked if I had a dozen or so pieces of her art to submit with the nomination. I told her sure, but only if they are guaranteed safe return. I’m not sure what all being in the program means yet, but it’s still very exciting.

Uh, yeah, I might have a few to share with the committee.

As for housewifely things getting done today, I’ve folded all of the laundry that needed folding, collected all of the vagrant water glasses from around the house (you can tell when they’re all accounted for and clean because we have more than actually will fit in the cabinet) and unloaded the dishwasher. I’ll probably crack the whip and have Shelby help me pick up the living and art rooms, and I may take a peak in the wreck room (it’s supposed to be “rec” room but… ya know…). I’ll also run through the kitchen, since its like a magnet for everyone’s trash and clutter. I’ll probably also clean Francois’ hutch, which I am super excited about. Other than that, I think I’ll just hang ten on the interwebs and read some Really Scary Animal cards Shelby got in the mail one time (they’re kind of like index cards from Zoobooks. Remember those?! Ah, Zoobooks…). She likes me to read them to her around Halloween especially.

Speaking of Halloween!: I did the test run of my make-up and it was fantastic. I ended up having to run a few errands around town, which was a nice little miniature social experiment.  One guy took my picture (and then wanted to hang around and get to know me better…). It was fun. But Halloween will be the best. I’ll share the pictures of the process in a different post. Look for them ASAP!


One response to “There’s Blue Sticky Dust Just… Everywhere.

  1. Interesting clarification. I love to read it Marcy

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