{Note: I have no idea why the title of this post is “46”. I think I may have forgotten to put a title, and WP filled in a numeric one for me. What a strange choice! I’m keepin’ it.}

This morning I can’t find my red notebook and this infuriates me. I need it. I make all of my lists in it- chores, groceries, the weekly menu. I am going to have to find it stat before this house goes down in flames. But if there’s no list of chores, are there still really chores to be done….?

Dustin is home today, so that mixes things up a bit. We’ll probably drink coffee and watch the news and some of his shows on the DVR (I recorded a documentary about zombies off of the History channel last night!). Good chores to get done when my luvah is home are laundry and dishes, because they can be tossed about quickly and left to do their thing. Domestic machinery is the bomb. I’m also going to make the moussaka recipe tonight that I got from $5 Dinners (<– super website!).

When I get done with this I’m going to pour our coffee into a caraffe, plop down in my chair and watch reality TV with the hubs. But first, food, because I am stavin’ Marvin this morning for serious.


3 responses to “46

  1. I got asked a similar question today, but the more traditional one about trees and forests. My life is nowhere near as exciting as yours.


  2. lol I find your Adventure Life to be most exciting! Not everyone can say they have a chicken mummy in their kitchen. : )

  3. Hey now – it’s buried!! It may have taken six months, but he’s out now LOL

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