Oh, Monday

So, yeah. What is this, day two? Three? The sun has already set? And I’m just now haphazardly smashing together words to form an entry for today? Balderdash, hop scotch, kazoo!  I will admit, I succumbed to Pinterest today. But I also scoured the master bathroom, did some laundry and the dishes, and got the weekly pot of red beans & rice rolling, so I still get a gold star. It helps that I’m the one that hands those out.

And it's so cute, too.And they’re so cute, too.

  • Bathroom clean
  • Red beans & rice on the stove
  • Dishwasher un- and re-loaded
  • Child & adult uniforms washed and ready for tomorrow
Sounds good to me! What’s on Netflix?


2 responses to “Oh, Monday

  1. I love this baby. So cute, so you.

  2. Thanks! Now you can keep tabs on me from 250 miles away. : )

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