Numero One

Hey there, Hausewife here. It seems like no matter how downright cool you are, introductions are always awkward for at least one of the parties involved. I’d like to start this relationship- and this blog- by saying this: Don’t be shy, I don’t bite. Well, possibly. But it was just that one time and there was box wine involved. None of those types of shenanigans are to be found here this early in the game. Perhaps tomorrow. As for today, introductions.

My name is Anna, and my nickname is The Hausewife. I started using it for Xbox Live, and loved it so much I now use it for basically anything I do on the Interwebs. So if you see “The Hausewife” out there, that’s me. Say hello! If you’d like to know a little about me, check out the All About It page. To expand on that, I love to cook, even if we only have a handful of ingredients and one person wants pizza while another wants moussaka. There, that’s a good example of the alchemy I derived this blog’s name from… Sometimes, you just don’t have much in the pantry, but you have to feed everyone with minimum whining. Creating something that everyone will tolerate enough to ingest- dare I say, even enjoy?!- that, my friends, is everyday alchemy. But I digress. Me. I like reading, and it helps that I’m a fast reader. I like writing, and it helps that I’m a fast typer. I don’t know what else. I like a lot of things. I’m sure in a month’s time, you’re going to feel like we’re totally BFFs. Let’s hope so, because what good is a blog if nobody reads it? About as good as a pile of tin cans rusting in a field somewhere.

So, come back soon, then come back often, then go into stalker mode, because baby, we are gettin’ this show on the road!


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